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CheckIn – 2018 0416

Connection vs Communication Loss of connection can be devastating. It can be confusing and irritating. It can be sudden and pervasive or subtle and long-term. It can affect things specifically or universally. Loss of connection is bad....

Subluxation Research – April 2017

New Research & Scholarly Articles from McCoy Publications Improvement in Sensorimotor Function, Postural Stability, Joint Position Sense and Reaction Time in an Asymptomatic 74-year-old Male Receiving Chiropractic Care Matthew Wild, BChiro & Phil McMaster, DC,...

Subluxation Research – February 2017

New Research & Scholarly Articles from McCoy Publications Reduction and Maintenance of Scoliotic and Sub-Scoliotic Curvatures: A Follow-Up Study on Children with Idiopathic Scoliosis Undergoing Subluxation Correction with Pierce Results System Jessica Harden DC,...

All I Want….

I do not want to be your medical doctor, your interior decorator, your nutritionist, your lifting coach, your bus driver, or your spiritual guide. I just want to be your family’s chiropractor.