All I want is to be your family’s Chiropractor.

I do not want to be your medical doctor, your masseuse, your interior decorator, your fantasy football consultant, your physical therapist, your time manager, your babysitter, your financial advisor, your nutritionist, your lifting coach, your bus driver, your motorcycle repair technician, or your spiritual guide.

I want to deliver the best, most effective and most efficient Chiropractic interaction possible.  I never want to add or take away anything from that.

Chiropractic, in and of itself, is THAT important.  Chiropractic, in and of itself, is THAT essential.  Chiropractic, in and of itself, is THAT valuable.

People show up all the time with complaints of low back or neck pain.  I even have some show up with other issues like diabetes, disc rupture with pending surgery, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, birth defects, attention disorder, dementia, Parkinson’s and even cancer.

Whatever they show up with, I can guarantee you this – the body does NOT want that going on – PERIOD!

Why did it happen?  How do you fix it?

All I know is this – the nerve system has a job to do, and that is to coordinate all the functions of all the other parts, make decisions on LIFE, balance, and HEALTH.  If that system of coordination is interfered with, your body CANNOT function the way it was designed – to heal itself, to grow, and to fight.  If that interference is removed, your body has the best possible opportunity to heal, grow and fight, REGARDLESS of what is going on inside.

Can chiropractic cure you?

Absolutely NOT!!  Only YOU can cure YOU.  Chiropractic is only here to help your body have the absolute best chance to WIN.