Their age does not matter.

Their condition does not matter.

Their nerve system function is what matters.

They all need to be checked.

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Subluxation – or more precisely the “Vertebral Subluxation” is a situation where juxtaposed vertebrae are misaligned or malfunctioning to a point less than a fracture or dislocation that causes occlusion of an adjacent vertebral foramen so that pressure is put on the spinal nerve root causing interference in the transmission of mental impulse.

or you can say it this way ….

interference at the spine in the transmission of instructions from the central nervous system to the rest of the body is called ‘vertebral subluxation’

From page 4 of the quintessential textbook on anatomy and physiology – Grays Anatomy (NOT the TV show).

NOTHING exists in the body without the brain knowing about it and adapting to it…or attempting to adapt to it.

Interference in the adaptation instructions from the brain to the body is NEVER good.