Destructive Forces and Constructive Forces

In our environment, daily, regularly, the Forces of the Universe are working to deconstruct all the organization we see. By nature and design, they are Destructive.

In our body, every microsecond of every moment, the Forces of Innate are working hard to adapt those destructive forces of nature into useful constructive forces of the body. We call that “Active Adaptation.”

Pain is natural. It is not enjoyable. Without pain, there is no way for the body to know something out-of-normal is going on.

Chiropractic has no intention to just kill the pain. That is like taking the batteries out of the fire alarm. Stops the irritation, but does nothing to stop the reason.

That is one thing that separates us from the other ‘healing’ professions. That is part of why our license is NOT a medical license or under the medical license category. We are separate and distinct in our philosophy and art. We share the same science because we share the same body of work.

Anyway, keep your body in active adaptation. See your Chiropractor regularly along with your family friends neighbors and even enemies.

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