Collusion and Obstruction

The title says it all.

It is very obvious that Collusion is taking place. Can’t you see it? It’s there in your face every day. Everyone is talking about it. IT’S JUST PLAIN OBVIOUS!!!

Isn’t it also VERY PLAINLY CLEAR that Obstruction is rampant? Again, EVERYONE is talking about it. Everyone is thinking about it. IT’S NOT A THEORY IF IT’S TRUE!!!!

Of course, I am NOT talking about political issues here.

Universal Forces are destructive by nature. They are colluding with each other to destroy your body. To literally take your life and end it.

Universal Forces also obstruct the function of your Innate Intelligence. #VertebralSubluxation interferes with the transmission of instructions from the brain to the body. Clear obstruction that prevents life-sustaining directions from getting to their intended target.

Chiropractic can and does help overcome both of these dastardly situations.

What are you waiting for?