Do you ignore your accountant’s advice and plan for your tax year?

Do you ignore your mechanic’s advice for your transmission?

Do you ignore your _____ {fill in the blank} ___.

A lot of people seem to think that the advice they receive from a Chiropractor is a suggestion. I hear from a lot of my colleagues – and have experienced it a few times myself – where someone in extreme distress seeks out our help. We help them through a plan, but when the client seems to think they ‘got it from here’ they stop following the plan.

THE PLAN IS A PLAN, not a suggestion.

What is tragic is they then blame us for not helping them when their problem comes back – and usually we were the only profession that actually helped them at all. If you don’t follow the plan YOU are the one to blame.

Sorry, I am usually not that blunt.

We really really really want you and your family to never have to experience the loss of connection from #VertebralSubluxation. The Plan that is the best is regular (weekly) ongoing Chiropractic care.