Well, not completely wrong, just not complete in his view of how the body works and how Chiropractic has a role in keeping the adaptation process at 100% of possible.

I had the pleasure of hearing Tom Bilyeu speak at the conference I was at last week. He was spot on with almost everything he said. He kicked us in the butt and gave us tremendous insight into how we as a profession can step it up on exposing our services to the world.

However, he pigeonholed us in the ‘back and neck pain’ category. That is where he is wrong. If that is what we do, we have no USP (unique selling position or unique selling proposition). If that is what we do, we are really just glorified physical therapists or alternately trained DO’s.

Now, when you listen to him, he is adamantly preaching what Chiropractic REALLY is about. He is telling the ‘most adaptable species the world has ever known’ story. And he is RIGHT about that. We are. We are the most adaptable species precisely because of the nervous system’s ability to manage that adaptability at a very very high level. When there is interference in the nervous system, or part of it breaks down (another part of another talk he gives), the entire system ceases to be as great as it could be.

THAT, my friend, is why Tom Bilyeu is wrong about Chiropractic. He does not see — at this time (thank you Shawn Dill) — what Chiropractic really is and can do. Even though Tom states his plan is to live forever (or do everything he can to live as long as possible), he is missing out on one key component – using Chiropractic to keep the adaptation machine humming at 100%.