2099 Pine Street, Unit F
Spartanburg, SC  29302

In May of 2017, Dr. Don Thomas graduated to heaven.

He was known as a big man with a bigger heart. A man with a golden touch and arms that reached around the community.

Dr. Thomas continued a legacy begun by Dr. Lyle Sherman when he took over the practice.

Dr. Lyle Sherman was the Clinic Director at the Palmer School of Chiropractic during a critical time in the profession’s history. Dr. Sherman served under Dr. BJ Palmer – the Promoter of Chiropractic and the son of the Founder of Chiropractic.

Dr. Thom Gillardi named the local College of Chiropractic in honor of Dr. Sherman in 1973. Dr. Gillardi came to Spartanburg after Dr. Sherman to learn more and to establish a new school to preserve the principles, philosophy, practice and art of Chiropractic. Look at www.Sherman.edu for more information.

The legacy and legend run deep in this place.

Hours of Operation
(Until Sept 1, 2017)

Monday         1pm – 6pm
Wednesday   1pm – 6pm
Friday             1pm – 6pm